The Commercial School Passau – English Team – Experienced teachers offer and support

  • modern teaching methods
  • materials for students using multimedia (CD-players, video, internet)
  • situations to get to know foreign countries and habits
  • a fundamental general education on the people, geography, history of the UK, Ireland, the USA and other English-speaking countries
  • a good knowledge of business English (correspondence, telephoning)
  • office skills of a fairly high standard
  • frequent and varied listening comprehension
  • special conversation classes to increase fluency in everyday life as well as in business situations

You see: There’s very varied work. Your children are well kept. They are well prepared for their future education and life! Your team: Mr Florian Abel, Mrs Birgit Böer, Mrs Stefanie Braumandl, Mrs Cornelia Krieger-Senn, Mrs Verena Reitmeier, Mrs Daniela Rieger, Mrs Anna Maria Siegert

Finish with a smile …

  • Why did the soccer teacher give his team lighters? Because they kept losing all their matches!
  • “Dad, I’m just too tired to study tonight”, said Jimmy. “Now, my lad, hard work’s never killed anyone yet.” “So why should I run the risk of being the first?”


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